Time to Say Goodbye….

So tonight will probably be the last post that I will write on my blog:(

I have been doing this for two years now because of World Humanities where is blogged about what was going on throughout the world and then for AP Language and Composition where I blogged about anything dealing with high school. I meant to save it for a Sunday night but because there was no school today it sort of happened today. In memory of all the Sunday nights that I sat on this website trying to hurry up and think of a topic that I could write 400 words about even though Dr. A tried to get us to use the whole week to blog so that they wouldn’t be last-minute ideas and we would have more time to reflect on what it was that we were actually writing about. It never failed that I would save them for the last-minute because I continued to tell myself day after day that I would get them done that night until something better came along that I would just make excuses to do them on Sunday or even forget about them and hope my grade would be hurt too much. So in honor of my last post I have decided to talk a little about my high school experience:

High school has definitely been a crazy and stressful 4 years.

Freshman year was all about trying to figure what high school was about to find out that I am still trying to figure out what high school is with only two days left of my senior year. After my eighth grade year I was split from my best friends because we lived in different school districts. It was hard but during my freshman year we were still able to make it work and still find ways to stay together and managed to make time to spend with each other.

Sophomore year was kind of blah. I don’t remember much of that year because you don’t have many milestones that you achieve except for turning 16 and being able to drive.

Junior year was the crappiest year ever! I have never been so stressed because of all the school work that I had all built up. On top of that when they say that during high school you find out who your real friends are, they aren’t lying. You may thing that you will always be best friends with someone, don’t be completely convinced because you never know what will happen.

Senior year has been a terrible but yet a great year. It starts out stressful, such as pull-out-your-hair stressful and then you realize that the year has gone by fast and it’s time to graduate. You meet new friends to replace those that you have lost. I would have never met one of my best friends if it wasn’t for my college class and my part-time job at Hy-Vee.

So those entering into high school or senior year don’t take the 4 years for granted because even though you don’t believe it now, high school goes by super fast and make the best of it.

So as this last post comes to a close I would like to say goodbye WordPress, our weekly Sunday night meetings are officially ending. Good luck to everyone in the future!

Party it up!

So today I had to go to a few grad parties in order to not look bad in front of my friends. I have so many this year and trying to make time for all of them all while trying to plan for my own and work all around my schedule is crazy! This weekend I am only able to attend two of them because I have to work tomorrow and won’t be able to make it to those that have their parties. The two that I was able to attend were pretty average though. I kind of am thinking that my mother may be over doing it for mine because of all the decorations and things that she has planned out for the party. The ones that I attended were basically friends and family gathered all together to look at pictures and mingle. My mom keeps on thinking of new things that she wants to have at my party. So here are the plans:

She wants to have a gradufiesta where there will be tacos and all the toppings you can think of that can go on a taco along with fresh lemonade and for the adults margaritas because lets face it…the rest of my family will not show up without the alcohol. On top of that there will be outside games to play and hopefully our pool will be up by that time for the adults and kids to enjoy. My focus for the grad party is all of the pictures that I will need to display. We are still trying to figure out how everything is going to fit in my garage because is only so much space that I will need to fit everything from tables, food, pictures and all of the awards that I have earned over the years. Lets just hope that it doesn’t rain on the day of my party because if so everything will have to be moved into the house which wouldn’t be to great. On top of everything my mom has made the desserts a top priority for her. We have candy on a stick, Pixy sticks, cake, cupcakes, party mints and I think that it all. So hopefully it doesn’t all turn into a party where all the adults are drunk and the kids are running around at 100 miles per hour because they are high off of sugar. I am excited to see how everything turns out but then again I am nervous to see what happens and hopefully my mother doesn’t get thrown into the pool like the last grad party we had for my brother!


Tuesday marks the day that I finish up with the year and take all my finals for the classes that I am taking. I think our teachers realized that we weren’t going to be up do doing anything on the last day of school. As my Econ teacher stated “The last day of school will be for talking and hanging out which includes pictures and of course crying.” He also claims that each one of us WILL cry on the night of graduation. We will see what I do but as of now I am ready to get the heck out of high school and I am ready to start this new chapter in my life. I know what my goals are in life after my high school graduation and I am ready to start achieving them.

It seems that every finals day is the same term after term but I feel that this year our finals are a little different. If I could speak for the rest of the seniors, I think we would all be in agreement that we really don’t care anymore. We have officially been taken over and the disease of senioritis has spread through our body and there is no way to recover until after our graduation. I have tried hard to make it through all of my classes but knowing that I am already accepted into the nursing program at our local community college I feel that it is so hard to keep up with everything. We are no longer a prime example for the underclassmen because our lack of motivation with our school work and the only thing they really care about is the good parking spots they will get when all the seniors are gone from school. I am thinking that most of the teachers can’t wait for us to leave school because it is like the domino effect with communism the more people who don’t care about their school work keeps spreading until it starts to reach the underclassmen. Juniors can’t go into their senior year with the lack of motivation to get their school work done because they need to keep strong for applying for colleges.

So the juniors that are reading this blog…Please don’t follow into my footsteps because once you start digging that hole of not having the motivation to get your school work done the harder it is to get yourself out. Well I should probably be studying for my finals on Tuesday…Oh who am I kidding I probably will just cram on Monday night(:

Only 5 More Days…

I love to see my little sister cringe and get mad when I tell her that I only have 5 more days left of high school. She throws a fit and usually a fist into my arm to tell me to “shut up” because that what little sisters do. She gets angry because of all the snow days that she still needs to make up before the end of the school year. At this time she has 16 days left and I only have 5. My mom is also a teacher and has a few days less than my sister and she also hates it when I rub it in. However as each day passes by I tend to get more and more nervous. I can’t believe that I graduate next weekend! I can remember middle school like it was yesterday and I can barely remember what I ate last night for dinner. So the question that I have even though I know it can’t be answered is where do I go from here?

I know that I am going to college and I know that the nursing program that I will be a part of takes 7 semesters and then I will continue on to get my BSN. However where do I go from there? As a child I felt that I knew what I was going to do… I knew exactly what I wanted in life and my education, but now it all seems kinda blurry. I know that once I walk across that stage next Saturday, I will truly be an adult, but what does that entail. Where will I be in 10 years? Will I be a nurse? Or will I opt out and change my major? The answer is that I don’t have any idea which is a problem for me because I like for things to go as they are planned and I am not a big one for surprises, so I just want to know where I will be.

When I do have the free time I tend to drift off and worry about so many things. Last night got be thinking about what my plan is. I plan to begin looking for a new car after graduation that will last me for my time during college and then after that I need to start saving up for a place of my own. Although I do plan to mooch off of my parents for a little bit while in college, I can’t live their forever and be the 40¬†year old who lives in her parent’s basement. It is all so surreal and I am not sure how I will achieve my goals, but I do know for sure that my family and friends will stand by my side in the next 5 days and for years to come.

Time To Go

So I really started to realize this week that my best friend since elementary school will be moving away from me next year. She has decided to go to Iowa State and I have decided to stay at our local community college in order to save money and get the same type of education that I would at a public or private college.

Andria and I have not always been the best of friends even though I have known her for so long, but once we entered middle school and both got involved in show choir we really started to hit it off and we have been best friends ever since. During middle school we both hung around the same crowd which was the smart show choir groupies and even though our group has since parted their ways we have continued to maintain our friendship through the thick and thin. We now work together which sort of put a heavy toll on our friendship because when they say you don’t want to work with your best friend, listen to them because they are completely right. Because I have over 2 years of experience at my part-time job and she only has less than a year, I am considered to be one of the strongest employees all while we still butt heads because I sometimes have to tell her what to do. There for a while it seemed that we had no time out of work to just hang out because our work relationship is different compared to our friendship outside of work. It seemed that if I was at work, she would have the day off and if she had to work, then I had the day off. Our schedules never met up.

Now that graduation is approaching my boss has realized that I am going to need her graduation day off of work, which just so happens to be our busiest day of work because I work at our local race track and sell our pizzas there all while someone else is there to help me and the rest of our crew is back at the store working with the crazy rush that we get every Friday night. So therefore my boss has to work an extra long day at work but she realized that when she decided to put my best friend in the department that something like this situation was going to happen during our senior year. I happen to graduate the day after on Saturday and Andria also got the day off to also attend my graduation. I am kind of regretting it though because it is going to be 3 hours of name calling, but I have to be there to support her.

Next year she will be attending Iowa State for engineering which is a great field for her because she is super talented! I am excited to see her reach for dreams but I am sad to know that she will be leaving me in the fall. That is why I will be putting the money that I get from graduation and the money that I already have saved up from my part-time job to go towards a newer and more reliable car because I know that my car will not make it on a trip from Ames and back when I decide to go visit her.

Senior Stress

These past couple of months have been pretty stressful for me because being a senior is very stressful. In a couple of months we are expected to, with a snap of a finger, become an adult. The amount of assemblies and duties we have to accomplish during our senior year is outrageous. And on top of that we all have to maintain our grades or else we won’t be accepted into college after all.

I feel bad for all of my teachers because I am constantly saying that I won’t be in class the next day because of some specific reason whether it be for an assembly, college tour, or another reason, my number of absences seem to have skyrocketed through the roof. I am a student who hates missing school because of all the work that I return to after a day off.

I can’t believe that I only have 9 days left of high school. Towards the middle of the year I felt that school was going by so slowly. Now I can’t believe that graduation is only 2 1/2 weeks away! The rest of the seniors have 10 days left, but unfortunately I have an orientation for college tomorrow and will miss the entire school day. It makes no sense to decide to have a college orientation at this point for seniors because we have more important things to do, such as get ready for graduation and then we can worry about college. I am not very good at multi-tasking!

Wow 9 days! The only problem is that my teachers keep on piling on the work. You would think with AP tests over some classes, not to rat anyone out but SPANISH would dwindle down. In reality it is the complete opposite because we still have 3 projects left to do with only 9 days left. Tell me how that is going to work! On top of that our teacher continues to expect us to learn new things, but how are we supposed to remember this information when it comes to finals? I learned in psychology last year that if something is not already learned by a certain point then you won’t remember it. I think we have reached that point.

Anyways when they say senior year goes by fast I definitely agree with them because at the beginning you may feel that the year is just dragging on but when you reach the point of where I am… I can’t believe that it is officially almost over.

It’s Fake-Bake Time

As prom is now done and summer is approaching, I have noticed that there is a tremendous amount of girls with fake tans already this year. I understand that winter is a couple of depressing months where you turn pale and all of you swimsuit lines from the summer are gone, but really?

Tanning is so harmful for your skin. I understand that nobody wants to look like Casper the ghost, however girls really need to take into consideration that harm that they are doing to their skin. What is so attractive about being orange and looking like you belong in a fruit bowl? It is always nice to be able to lay out in the sun during the summer and catch some sun rays, but do we really want to risk getting cancer too?

A great idea that I heard about before prom was that students were making a pledge to not tan before prom. Because they may know what the harmful effects are the might not think that it can happen to them. However, in actuality skin cancer is one of the most common cancers someone can get. A local high school that my best friend goes to recently told me that her senior class held an assembly to have everyone sign the pledge that they won’t tan before prom which I know that not all students will listen to experts say how horrible fake tanning can be for your skin but the information still might reach to a select few and they might not tan which decreases their chance of developing skin cancer compared to those who tan a lot in the days leading up to prom. Not only did the students pledge not to tan in the days prior to prom, but they were also entered into a race where whatever school had the most pledges got $500 for their prom. I don’t know if they won or not but if they did it sure would have helped their senior class prom because I know that they didn’t have a lot of money saved up in order to have a classy prom night. I know that our school had posters hanging around promoting the pledge but I never did hear anything about having an assembly in order to get the student body to sign the pledge. Tanning does terrible things to your body so why try to put yourself it the situation of increasing your risk of getting skin cancer?

So tell me… is tanning really worth the possibility of getting cancer and looking like a fruit bowl? Because once you get older the tanning that you loved is going to be the cause of the wrinkly skin that you have.


When I have free time in my schedule I love to be able to sit down and just read a good book. It is so hard to do now because I have so much to do with school and graduation approaching. The only time I am able to read is for school. When reading a book that is assigned for classes I find it so much more difficult to read because the topic usually isn’t a topic that I enjoy reading. When I am able to read books by my favorite author Nicholas Sparks, I can so easily get lost in the book, but when the book is a Shakespeare play, it just feels that the whole time I am drifting off and not paying attention to the story line.

This summer I can’t wait to be able to lay out by the pool and be able to open a good book and get lost in it. Before high school I felt as if I read so much more and now I wish I could just go back to those days when I didn’t have to worry about the hours of homework that I have and my part-time job. Anymore when I start to pick up a book it is close to midnight and I end up waking up a little while later to my reading light on and my book on the floor. Hopefully this summer, rather than worry about college next year I am able to read a little bit and enjoy some time off of school as well as work before start looking for another job as a patient care tech. I want to be able to read a book that I enjoy rather than a book that is chosen for me or a specific genre like dealing with science or music, I want to read a book that I can pick up and not be able to put down and not have to worry that I pull an all-nighter because I don’t have school the next day.

Graduation Party

With my graduation party coming up in only 6 weeks I have really started to feel the stress of everything. I feel like there is so much to do but I don’t have the time to do it. It’s a lot more than just throwing an impromptu party together because you really have to plan ahead.

You have to make sure the location looks nice, which is going to be at my house. So my dad, on his days off, has been working out in the yard trying to make it so that it looks nice and the flowers are starting to grow nicely to surround the house. Anyone that knows my parents they know that my mom likes my house to always be clean and my dad always has our yard looking tremendous. However the weather has not been that great this year to help us out. We still have days here that feel like it is still winter and if it isn’t super cold then it is rainy.

As far as my mom goes, spring cleaning has hit our house. We always clean every Sunday, but with a big graduation party approaching organization is key. It makes me want to bang my head into a wall because it’s not that fun coming home from a day of work at my part-time job and then being expected to clean up the house as well as get the rest of my homework done.

For me, I have to help with everything as well as be the one in charge of all the decorations and everything that is going to happen at the party. So after I go to school, go to work, clean the house, do my homework, then I have to work on picture boards and figuring out how I want everything displayed at my graduation party, then I get the rest of the time to get a little bit of sleep, and then wake up to start everything over again. The planning will become much easier after I graduate because my party isn’t until 2 weeks after I graduate. Which makes me remember holy crap I graduate in 4 weeks! Now that I am much later in the school year I realize that senioritis isn’t just about not wanting to do school work, but it is also because we don’t have the time to do school work. In a few weeks we are going to be expected to be young adults and put out into the real world, but we still have 4 weeks to go and in the the mean time we will try and continue to do our schoolwork.